Aronsha Photography | Jensen - AYSO Soccer - 2017 Area 5B tournament
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TO PURCHASE DIGITAL FILES: Click on a thumbnail to enlarge it to full screen. Place the cursor in the upper left of the photo and click on MENU and BUY. Next click on DOWNLOADS and then click on ADD to put the photo in the Cart. Select other photos you want to add to the Cart. Use your credit card at checkout. Download the image files to your computer for the photos purchased. (Note: The logo you see on the photo during purchase is removed from the image files you purchase.) Prints can be purchased by selecting PRINTS instead of DOWNLOADS.
Contact me with the photo file names you want, but to get them will take longer than ordering as above. The digital file name is in the upper right on the page when viewing a large single image, and it looks like "HDE3-30584". Just send me a list of the last 4 numbers in the file name for the images you want.